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  1. gadisitugirl May 18, 2018

    Happy Ramadhan Kareem Ghazalkashani! ヽ( ´ ∇ ` )ノ

  2. gadisitugirl Apr 29, 2017

    Hello XD

  3. gadisitugirl Mar 29, 2017

    Quote by ghazalkashani

    Quote by gadisitugirl

    Quote by ghazalkashani

    Quote by gadisitugirl Thank you so muuch XD
    I was late to say this too..
    Happy birthday too! XD may Allah makes all your best dreams come true

    And happy Ied mubarak! >__<

    awww....you are very welcome and thank you so much but never is late for me :)
    thank you but really sorry I didn't find time to reply your messages! I will reply them when I find some time promise :)

    thank you ;w;
    It's okay, but.. Recently I'm thinking about stop coming back to MT though.. I'm quite sad about it, yet it's a best choice for me :(

    Hello Gadisitu-chan! I am really sorry for late reply but I really couldn't come online for a real long time! :(
    you are very welcome and hope everything looks well in your side!
    nooooooooooooo! PLEASE COME HERE AGAIN! D:
    DON LEAVE THIS PLAAAAAACE PLEEEEEEASE! but why? please don go and don leave this site! :c

    Hi, sorry for my so late answer TT..TT I come back XD X D I was on a situation where I couldn't keep up with online updates. I had some memories and experience from this site that sometimes make me sad tbh :(
    I'm really sorry for this late reply TT..TT can we still keep in touch? Maybe through email or FB?

  4. myri-chan Dec 30, 2016

    Quote by ghazalkashaniHello sis <3
    it's been a while I know and sorry (I know you'll forgive me =___=)
    *hugs you* merry......ummm.....belated Christmas ToT
    and.....happy new year in advance :P
    but also I hope you're doing well <3 take care

    Hello my lil sis <3 *hugs*
    indeed its been ages! i wish to see you more often here :)
    am doing good and you ? Thanks habibati dadayi <3 merry belated Christmas :3
    and happy new year. see you.

  5. myri-chan Sep 11, 2016

    Quote by ghazalkashanihttp://www.myhappybirthdaywishes.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/best-happy-birthday-wishes-messages-for-sister.jpg
    hello sis and sorry I'm busy and lazy and always sick but was waiting for your birthday <3
    it's late but I always come at nights TwT sorry my dear
    I'm wishing you the best luck *gives you a hug and kisses your cheek* this Sunday my class will end and I'll be alil free :D
    my teacher gave us lots of homework and I should send them all tomorrow before Sunday >w<'
    happy birthday my dear >___o

    Hello dear sis :D thank you so much for your kind wishes<3 <3
    *hugs and kiss your cheeks* hope to see you soon good luck with your studies. take care <3

  6. myri-chan Aug 13, 2016

    Quote by ghazalkashaniBecause I can't sleep sis :/ after my English exams I got a free week so in that week I stayed up and after that I couldn't sleep well =3=
    Well not that because we play together all the time but now we were in a battle and sadly we lost =___= I play with Binu and that's why I am replying late to you and battle ended =w= it's jerk when your teammates don't help....I'm kinda disappointed now xD
    Hmm....I don't know if I need help or not but I'm feeling weird these days. Join me in the game too so at least we will become 3 so we can kick ass better because honestly it's really hard to handle other groups :/
    Brad is ill sis and been more than a month he fucking didn't eat....I'm just soooooooooooooooooooo angry on him and honestly don't wanna talk about him yet........you have a turtle too! That's great so...what's his or her name sis and please take a Good care of it :c turtles getting ill fast and why from the street! D:
    You shouldn't pick up a stray cat and bring it to your home :/ it's okay you can feed it outside but if you want it to be good looking then bring it to a vet

    No they don't hit me now but Beny uses bad words alot and yes because he's male I'm kinda feeling uncomfortable in the class and....ummm....he's good looking too and teaches well, I liked his teaching.
    Yes we have a river but sorry sis THIS IS A Islamic country =____= don't tell me you swim by bikini in the ocean :P mwahaha. Its been more than 2 years since I stopped my swimming classes and no time for them either and what I like is.......is scuba diving ToT I really LOVE IIIIIIT
    You are very welcome sis and hope she will return home fast :) but please because you're alone you really have to take care of yourself :/ I'm sorry again...even if he has his own life but he shouldn't leave his sis stay alone at home! I'm sad for hearing this to be honest and I'll get angry too
    No Beny is 18 and he's still an ass
    Everything is well with me and my mom sis and we're getting along well and about my aunt.....I don't know she looks pretty weird nowadays :/ it looks like she's not herself again.....she doesn't know what's she doing or saying and don't wanna talk about this either =3=
    So it's a software owo it looks good and I have photoshop UT I don't use it
    Monu taught me photoshop last year but I didn't continue TwT and yes your page is pretty cute! Funny too xD I like that part of the bear you made it was funny xD

    wish you best luck for the exams lil sis. have fun with your lil bro :3
    you mean playing online nah that's not my thing sis sorry about brad yes i have a baby turtle but still didnt find a name for him
    i love cats he is lil kitty just so cute and i can't resist he was alone outside he can't survive that's why i took him with me .
    hohoho sis have a crush on her teacher XDD
    wow! that's too bad .....THEOCRACY SUCKS! >:s
    well in my country you can swim in bikini, but i dont wear alot bikini or i wear a short at least .
    looks awesome you should continue swimming sis it's good for heath :) and thanks a lot for your wishes lil sis.. angry why ?
    Beni is a man now try to avoid him it's better for both of you ...things changed between you two i am happy to hear that
    ok i see.. your aunt is just so sweet kind lady salute her for me ..
    sis why you dont use photoshop you can make great arts :) you should listen to Ototochan :) he improved a lot very talented

    Haha pedo bear ^^ glad that you like it ;)

    sorry for last night sis i was so tired hope to see you soon tc <3

  7. myri-chan Aug 13, 2016

    Quote by ghazalkashani
    I don't know sis but it's maybe because I'm not sleeping at nights for a while and please do not worry about me my dear okay? I'll be fine after slept maybe.
    Oh! Ummm.....yea I play online phone games with little brother :) were working hard together to win >. < wish you could join us too sis <3
    I don't know and not sure because that night I was so tired and couldn't think, I even couldn't feed my turtles but I think I got up because of the noises cause my brothers are awake every night until morning and no sis I don't have any horrible problems yet (thanks God) >w<;
    Awww I don't study for now because my next class is this Sunday so I'm free today :) and my teacher is a guy so I'm alil uncomfortable in the class this term ^___^;
    No I don't go because my city has a river not a beach :)
    But last month me and my family visited a city which had beach and it was good but hot x.x sis it's summer! Summeeeeer Dx I couldn't breath outside xD but it was pretty <3
    And thanks God mommy is well now and hope nothing bad happens again to her :* yes you're right.......family should take care of each other :) it means I should take care of you too ^3^ *kisses your cheek* because we're family too <3
    Awww so he's not coming home at all =___= he's so mean for leaving you and mom alone at home to be honest and sorry too for saying that :(
    Lil bros are fine and yeah they're awake too. Beny is still same and annoying everybody so it's his shitty nature
    My parents are well too and life looks kind of quiet lately
    But honestly what you made is amazing owo because you paint them! They're really amazing my dear *w*
    You don't have photoshop and you made these! Just amazing <3

    but why dont sleep at night just hope you dont have problems if you need help or advice let me know ;3
    you play online thats why you stay up late at night binu ? or beni?
    join you in what ? o.o how your turtle brad ^^ i have a turtle at home and found a kitty in the street i took him with me at home he is so cute and shy kitty ^^ hope they dont hit you or something your lil bros -w- you are uncomfortable with him because he is guy ? or because he is handsome ^^
    ah river its nice you didnt went to swim its awesome i love swimming <3
    thanks for your kind wishes its very kind of you my mother will appriciate it no my mom is still not here she still in the hospital am alone well he got his life i got mine its ok sis ^^ beny well i think he is 16 ? grreat that things are going quitly and you and your mom? i wanted to ask you about your aunt hope she is fine no i am talking about paint software i didnt paint them no i dont have photoshop and you? glad you appriciate my page is cute now :3

  8. myri-chan Aug 13, 2016

    Quote by ghazalkashani
    No sis it's not headache, I'm just feeling dizzy and don't know why. When I move my head around it looks like things are revolving around me
    I don't like screams ToT sis do you ever screamed for no reason? @o@
    I don't know what kind of medicine is good for me now and thank you :)
    Well I slept early on Thursday night but I got up at 3 for no reason......I don't know but I can't sleep well these days
    Yeah but I want to go for other classes too not only English and now my class changed from 6 p.m to 5 p.m and it's super hot TwT
    Awww I'm sorry to hear that about mommy :( but thanks God she's fine now and glad everything's okay <3
    How is big brother? Hope he's fine too

    i think you feel dizzy because you dont sleep a lot you really should take some rest am worried about you . sis you play online or what ?
    haha, nah just kiddin oh no i hate screams or noise . maybe because you think too much that's you woke late at night ..
    sis do you have problems or something ? and itds late its better to study in the morning sis you dont go to the beach?
    yes its been a week she was in hospital i was so worried my aunts are with her and i take care of home yes she well now she is old we must take care of her its our duty family is all! sis. well big bro busy with his life i see him late in the night and tell me about my naughty lil bros and your parents?

    Your page changed by these ponies ^___^
    Sis did you make them my dear? <3

    yes sis i made them with paint i dont have photoshop i did it quickly anyway glad that you like them :3

  9. myri-chan Aug 13, 2016

    Quote by ghazalkashaniI'm sorry sis I wanted but can't reply now to it, my head is spinning ^___^;
    I'll reply to it when I got a chance and sorry for not being able to reply now
    Awww happy to hear you're doing awesome :) my dear sis should be awesome all the time ;)
    Hey I promised you to come in the next day =3= and it's already 6 a.m in here
    Yeah I study English now :) but not stupid uni and no, there's no time or money right now and I have English class 3 times a week so it's impossible for now

    poor sis have a terrible headache SCREAMMS to give you more headache >:3 no just kidding you need to relax and take medicine
    nah dont worry to see you is enough for me :) wow sis and you didnt sleep seriously u must go and have some rest
    i see ...3 times a week it's good . my mood was down because of my mother is very sick my big bro took her to the hospital and now she is fine so everything is ok now :)

  10. myri-chan Aug 13, 2016

    Quote by ghazalkashani

    Quote by myri-chan

    Quote by ghazalkashaniI'm back sis :3
    Hello my dear *hugs you*

    Hello welcome back lil sis hope you are doing great :3 tell me about uni sorry for last time *hugs you tightly* <3

    Hello my dear :) don't apologies you didn't do anything bad >. < I wanted to talk more but got sleepy
    Thank you so much ^3^
    I am okay just my head is alil spinning, I'll be fine after sleeping maybe but so sorry for coming this late all the time :/ I wanted to come in the afternoon but got tired after lunch
    I don't have uni for now (and glad) I'm on my summer vacation for example :P
    How are you my dear sis? *hugs you tight back* hehehe
    And how is my dear sister? ;)

    sis you didnt reply my previous post!
    am doing awesome today :3 sis if you feel tired dont stay up late for me okay!
    but you study in summer? you don't go to the beach or swimming pool ?

  11. myri-chan Aug 13, 2016

    Quote by ghazalkashaniI'm back sis :3
    Hello my dear *hugs you*

    Hello welcome back lil sis hope you are doing great :3 tell me about uni sorry for last time *hugs you tightly* <3

  12. myri-chan Aug 11, 2016

    Quote by ghazalkashani

    Quote by myri-chan

    Quote by ghazalkashanisis I'm tired and have class in the evening :( what should I do?

    sorry sis why you left to sleep a bit sis its all my falt am so sorry :c try to sleep a bit now .

    no it't your fault my dear because I really wanted to see and talk to you <3
    but I will read and reply your message tomorrow :)
    sorry for not being able to reply now and nothing is your fault okay? please don say that my dear *hugs you tight and kisses your cheek* you should sleep too sis <3
    I'm going to take a few hours to rest but I'll be back tomorrow ;)
    goodbye my dear and take some rest too okay? :*

    thanks a lot for coming but sis try to come more early it was nice and sweet to talk with you :3
    now go to sleep /hugs and kisses your cheeks sleep well see you soon tc dadayi okhti <3 yes i will dont worry

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